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Baseball Fundraiser

2024 Badin Baseball Mulch Sale Flyer

2024 Mulch Sale Player Order Form.docx (1)


Badin Baseball is excited to announce that we are preparing for our 5th annual MULCH Sale!

We would like to again thank you for supporting us in the past through this important fundraiser and would be honored to serve your mulch needs again this spring.  We have now served over 1,000 customers!
We are selling the same triple-shredded, triple-dyed, all-hardwood, PREMIUM BLACK bagged mulch that we have provided for the past four years.  
As always, we are offering delivery to your residence and/or business.  You tell us where you want the mulch and we will put it there upon delivery.  
A few things to consider:
There’s no reason to have to buy mulch in bulk amounts and then shovel it out of a truck to spread.  We place the bags exactly where you want them and cut the spreading time in half. 
We eliminate the task of driving to the store, loading mulch on a cart, loading mulch into your vehicle, and then unloading mulch at home.
Yes, you can find cheaper mulch but it will be inferior in quality.  Our bags are 2 cubic feet, most retail bags are 1.5 cubic feet or less.   

This will be an annual sale, so you know we will provide you with the same triple-shredded, triple-dyed, all-hardwood, PREMIUM Black Mulch every year.

Most importantly, you are supporting our program and our student-athletes through this fundraiser.  
The deadline to order is March 12th and we will deliver on March 16th or 17th.
A paper order form is attached if you would prefer to mail in a check.
If you would like to know how many bags you have ordered in the past, please let me know and I will get that information back to you.  
Last season, our varsity baseball team finished the season 29-2 and ranked #1 in the state of Ohio!  Your support is a huge reason for our success!
Please let me know if you have any questions, GO RAMS!